About this Blog (in English!)

Sintonia is the Portuguese word for Tuning (into) or to Attune to, a process of adjusting to match a given standard or pitch, in this case, attuning to perceive, feel and see the presence and reality of the Subtle Realms in and around us. Elemental Beings and Nature Spirits are an important part of this reconnection and represent vast implications in forging a much needed new and deeper form of ecology. This is all about frequencies and here I try to show how naturalist art can help inspire such an Attunement in a world that is in the throws of a major quantum leap in awareness.

This web log is then about my type of Naturalist Art which is attuned to such efforts and perceptions. It is a place of ongoing experimentation and where visitors such as yourself can participate, comment, enjoy, follow and hopefully support. I definitely encourage you to do so, for that is the purpose of these materials being on the web in this form. This type of art can range from the nature art I mentioned to comics and adventure graphics and especially, map design, encompassing geomantic and sacred geography knowledge. I shall post examples of these as we go, along with sketches and such.

Some background information on what this is all about:

Nature illustration is usually understood as art with a scientific or botanical purpose or even a poetical rendering, often to capture or describe the world as we see it, its beauty and majesty, often to draw attention to its vulnerability or simply to picture one's love for nature. This work I am striving to build is an attempt in a different but not less significant direction. Employing a mix of techniques, both traditional and digital, this form of art is what I call art for a New Naturalist Awareness, to inspire a vision that can take us beyond matter to investigate, educate and promote a more wholesome tuning into the Intelligence in Nature through art and text. It should not be confused with new age or fantasy/mystical endeavors as it aims at blending the best of serious spiritual science, age-old world knowledge and graphic design towards a new and deeper appreciation of ecology and our role on this Earth.

A new world paradigm is being shaped as we speak, as more and more people, scientists and people from all walks of life begin to feel and assimilate the fact that life is multidimensional and a great of deal of knowledge of the reality that surrounds us has been withheld from most people. It is a time of reckoning, of awakening and of developing new perceptions. With the help of modern quantum physics, world-turning confirmations and findings are surfacing and these renderings are an attempt to help demonstrate how we can contribute with this new world vision with a new form of naturalist-oriented art. Imagine the possibilities for New Environmental Maps, Books and new and exciting Educational Materials for children!

There's a lot more, but I will let you browse the art and reach your own conclusions as to its meaning. All feedback and support is appreciated! Contacts for developing these ideas in print or online are equally appreciated.

If you are a nature artist yourself, I have created a new website to bring our work together, a meeting ground for us to show new and meaningful text and art: www.historiaearte.net or H&A/N for short, which will be soon in 3 languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish, all native and professional in a unique environment. Check it out and spread the word, I'd like to see you there. Got questions? Just drop me a line: contato@idstudio.art.br

Thank you for your interest - there's more to be found at my bilingual website: www.idstudio.art.br